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Design and Analysis August 20, 2011

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Yesterday, I don’t know from where, it suddenly popped in my mind that design and analysis have a more than a tool user – tool relation, a relation which trangresses into the domain of mutual symbiosis – a subtility never before appreciated by me [at least!].

What I actually realised was that design is nothing but the inversion of analysis. And this deceptively simple postulate has potential, I believe, to explain the well acknowledged facts about design. How? An example will perhaps do:

Design is most of the time (as we innocent engineers often complain!) an iterative process and so is the inversion of a non-linear relation!!!

See this nothing of a wonder (if you are not a fool like me!), given the configuration of a system, deducing its properties is analysis. And, given the properties of a [desired] system and foretelling its configuration is design!

Free Online Books-Advanced August 15, 2011

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Aaah! I’m back after a long time. To keep my promise I am now extending the previous list I published here. This not a listing purely of advanced texts (as I feel), but I have included some books which should have been in the previous list.

Note: For postscropt (*.ps) files you can use evince or ghostscript.
I still declare my intention of helping others by providing a listing of legally free books I found interesting (atleast in the overlook) and not of hurting anybody by by promoting piracy of any kind.

Free Online Books-Basic August 15, 2011

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Below I enumerate some of what I have got after months (cumulatively) of churning the web for free books of my interest. There are various sites/blogs which present similar listings but this one is specific to my area of knowledge and interest. In this post I am focussing on books usually of interest to an undergrad. Advanced books will be covered in another post.
Please note that to the best of my knowledge these are free legally, I have no intentions of promoting piracy.
If you have more such links please share in the comments, but remember the above statement.

Thats enough for today. I just cannot put all that I have found in one post. I will try to list advance material some other day.

Have a good experience in the amazing world of book!

Welcome! July 12, 2011

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Welcome to yet another blog!
I hope that this new eccentricity of mine will not kill too much of yours and mine,  acknowledged or unacknowledged, precious time. I hope so because of my obsession with optimism.

Best of luck!.